Planning and Design

We offer a staged planning and design approach that assists businesses to identify, develop and implement opportunities for saving drinking water. Understanding individual site requirements and optimising system designs to minimise costs is a focus.

While technology advances in areas such as storage and treatment are an important design consideration and can be the difference in the economic viability of an alternative water supply scheme, the largest cost savings are often achieved in other areas. They include optimising system capacity, tailoring new infrastructure around existing, and developing smart control systems.

In planning our systems we consider the feasbiity of a range of options to identify the most viable solution. We start with potential end uses and water sources and then optioneer system configurations to connect the two. Our feasibility assessment focuses on upfront and ongoing costs, water savings and avoided costs, and the payback period.

Proper planning of alternative water supply systems is important in understanding long term costs and benefits of different options and guiding the direction of subsequent design stages.

Key components of our planning and design services are summarised further below and in the attached brochure.

Through discussion with knowledge holders and a review of key information such as water bills and building plans we profile how water is used and identify ways to save potable water by utilising alternative water sources and water efficient fixtures.

Consultation with managers and operators

Site inspection and data gathering

Water usage and water source profiling

By establishing a detailed understanding of each site we develop a range of options for all key system components such as the catchment area and the storage, treatment and delivery infrastructure to optimise the cost/benefit relationship.

Identifying suitable source catchments

Determining key infrastructure

Water quality analysis

Using a weighted consideration of water savings potential, initial and long term costs, and other factors such as environmental and visual impacts, we compare options against each other to identify the most suitable option and assess its viability against client expectations.

Water savings analysis

Upfront and ongoing cost analysis

Feasibility assessment

We progressively develop design detail over several stages to enable full client input and ensure systems are optimised for user requirements and available budgets.

Concept design

Schematic design

Detailed design

We provide all technical documentation needed to implement an alternative water supply system with or without our ongoing support through the delivery phase.

Drawings for construction

Construction specifications

Tender documents

Delivery Services