Industry Water’s primary objective is to help industry save drinking water by investing in alternative water supply. We focus on developing smart infrastructure solutions through good planning and design and assisting clients with the implementation of these solutions to streamline the delivery process.

Our delivery services include managing the tender process or managing the construction phase if a complete conception to construction solution is required. As regular maintenance is key to achieving the intended performance of alternative water systems, we also specify maintenance regimes and can provide ongoing inspections and checks to ensure systems are being adequately maintained after handover.

Key components of our delivery services are summarised further below and in the attached brochure.

We assist clients in engaging a suitable construction partner to deliver their project. Our involvement ranges from reviewing tenders and providing a recommendation to managing the entire tendering process.

Tender procurement

Tender interviews and review

Tender recommendation 

We also offer a complete conception to construction option with our construction management services. These services include coordination of work packages, management of sub-contractors and commissioning.

Procurement of suppliers and sub-contractors

Cost and program management

Commissioning, training and handover

Regular maintenance is key to achieving the intended performance of alternative water systems. We provide ongoing system support which includes specifying the type and frequency of maintenance activities and undertaking site inspections to monitor record keeping compliance.

Scheduling of routine maintenance

Monitoring of system performance

Periodic checking of record keeping

Planning and Design Services