Water Supply Services

Industry Water provides professional water supply services to a range of industries including manufacturing, transport and Government services. We assist businesses in these industries to save drinking water by making better use of local alternative water sources such as roofwater and stormwater.

Our streamlined ‘Plan-Design-Deliver’ approach is aimed at cost minimisation and supporting clients to identify and implement alternative water opportunities. Our services range from preparing the initial business case to design development and construction management.

Our engineering expertise covers both external precinct infrastructure and internal building services, enabling us to deliver practical and properly coordinated systems. We focus on applying engineering principles to tailor solutions to individual sites including assessing viability early to avoid outcome-less spending, minimising new infrastructure where possible and proper planning for ongoing operation and maintenance.

Water Supply Engineering Services

Planning and Design

We offer a staged planning and design approach that assists businesses identify, develop and pursue viable opportunities for reducing potable water usage. Understanding individual site requirements and optimising system designs to minimise costs is a focus. More

Through discussion with knowledge holders and a review of key information such as water bills and building plans we profile how water is used and identify ways to save potable water by utilising alternative water sources and water efficient fixtures.

Consultation with managers and operators

Site inspection and data gathering

Water usage and water source profiling

By establishing a detailed understanding of each site we develop a range of options for all key system components such as the catchment area and the storage, treatment and delivery infrastructure to optimise the cost/benefit relationship.

Identifying suitable source catchments

Determining key infrastructure

Water quality analysis

Using a weighted consideration of water savings potential, initial and long term costs, and other factors such as environmental and visual impacts, we compare options against each other to identify the most suitable option and assess its viability against client expectations.

Water savings analysis

Upfront and ongoing cost analysis

Feasibility assessment

We progressively develop design detail over several stages to enable full client input and ensure systems are optimised for user requirements and available budgets.

Concept design

Schematic design

Detailed design

We provide all technical documentation needed to implement an alternative water supply system with or without our ongoing support through the delivery phase.

Drawings for construction

Construction specifications

Tender documents


Our tender and construction management services support clients in implementing alternative water supply systems. We also provide ongoing inspections and checks to ensure systems are being adequately maintained after handover. More

We assist clients in engaging a suitable construction partner to deliver their project. Our involvement ranges from reviewing tenders and providing a recommendation to managing the entire tendering process.

Tender procurement

Tender interviews and review

Tender recommendation

We also offer a complete conception to construction option with our construction management services. These services include coordination of work packages, management of sub-contractors and commissioning.

Procurement of suppliers and sub-contractors

Cost and program management

Commissioning, training and handover

Regular maintenance is key to achieving the intended performance of alternative water systems. We provide ongoing system support which includes specifying the type and frequency of maintenance activities and undertaking site inspections to monitor record keeping compliance.

Scheduling of routine maintenance

Monitoring of system performance

Periodic checking of record keeping

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