Water Saving Tips

There are many water saving tips that industry can adopt to improve water outcomes. These include promoting conservative attitudes to water usage through education, leakage detection and fixture modernisation to improve efficiency, smart metering to improve accounting and inform decision making, and better utilisation of local alternative water sources. Many industries have made substantial efficiency gains in recent years to reduce overall water usage. The next stage in this trend is to reduce drinking water usage by better utilising local alternative water sources.

While the economics of alternative water supplies can be challenging they are becoming increasingly viable as the industry evolves, water becomes more scarce and the cost of drinking water continues to rise. The value of water saving projects to sustainability and marketability is also on the rise.

Governments at all levels have in recent times offered incentives such as grants to promote more sustainable water practices amongst industry. Water utilities have also been open to co-investment arragements in private projects offering long term water savings as the role of alternative water supply in managing demand growth and deferring capital expenditure is recognised.

Alternative water systems such as roofwater and stormwater harvesting systems save drinking water but can also reduce pollutants reaching waterways and improve flood protection.

There are several key areas to consider when developing a strategy for saving water through alternative water supply:
Existing or proposed water usage and management practices;

Available source catchments and drainage infrastucture;

Water saving targets, other goals and budgets;

Efficiency and management improvement opportunities; and

Alternative water supply opportunities.
Industry Water is an engineering services business that assists Australian industry to develop and implement water saving strategies built around alternative water supply. Our primary goal is to assist clients to save drinking water, cost effectively. We offer a streamlined ‘Plan-Design-Deliver’ approach to alternative water solutions that is aimed at minimising the cost and management burden to clients.

Alternative Water Solutions